Kilgobbin Wood - Policies


Policies and best practices that pertain to the development will be maintained on this page for your convenience.

Managed Parking at Kilgobbin Wood

1) Only a Director or Cuala can authorise a car to be clamped and this must be communicated to NCPS by e-mail
2) You are not permitted to park on double yellow lines
3) You are not permitted to park in a designated car parking space belonging to another owner without their permission

House Rules

Kilgobbin Wood Management Ltd. has adopted the following ‘House Rules’ in accordance with the terms of the Indenture Lease.

The Management Agents for the development, Cuala Property Management will, on behalf of the Kilgobbin Wood Management Limited, enforce the House Rules.

The Kilgobbin Wood Management Company house rules.


Please respect your neighbors and pick up after your pets.


Please observe the signs posted in the communal areas and respect the re-cycling rules.

House holders, please do not use the apartments bins.

Apartments, please note these rules in regards to Refuse management.


Apartment owners, please be aware of the following Fire handling procedures.